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Does the EZRaider have a chair?2019-06-10T01:35:54+00:00

Yes! Although many of the photos and videos show extreme riding on rough terrain with the rider standing up, the EZRaiders come with a specialized chair. It is your choice how to ride!

EZRaider Features
How do I maintain my EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:23:13+00:00
Maintenance is simple, requires no training, and can be done with a standard toolkit. All the mechanisms are visible so that you can easily see any spot that needs maintenance. EZRaider vehicles are extremely reliable.
Additionally, we are happy to offer technical training for distributor maintenance staff.
Who can drive the EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:22:49+00:00
The EZRaider was made for everyone! Women, men, young and old. The vehicles are suitable for a range of uses. They have become very popular in the hunting, farming, extreme sports, and tourist communities, as well as for search and rescue, and military use. Additionally, modifications can be made that can make the vehicle accessible to the physically handicapped.
Who buys our vehicles?2019-06-10T01:22:22+00:00
Our vehicles have become popular across a wide range of people- hunters, farmers, tourists, and extreme sports enthusiasts. EZRaiders have also been put to use by the military, and search and rescue teams. Additionally, there are modifications that can make vehicle accessible to the physically handicapped.
Do I need a license to drive the EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:20:43+00:00
That depends on the local laws and regulations. Most countries now have basic standards for what permits are required to drive on roads or sidewalks but impose much less strict limitations when driving in open areas. Laws can vary from state to state and even city to city.
Is EZRaider street legal?2019-06-10T01:20:40+00:00
Street legality depends on the local laws and regulations. Our vehicles are already on the road in both the United States and Europe but laws can vary from state to state and even city to city.
What is your motor power?2019-06-10T01:20:39+00:00
Inside the EZRaider vehicles we have a patented hub motor of 1200 watt each (2 in the 2×2, 4 in the 4×4).
The E-carts (coming soon) have two 1500-Watt hub motors per cart.
How do I charge the EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:17:59+00:00
We offer two models of chargers (4.5A/10A) that can be made compatible with any type of outlet. The charger comes with an adapter, so you can choose between 110-130 VAC or 220-240 VAC.
How long does it take to charge?2019-06-10T01:17:35+00:00
We offer two models of chargers (4.5, 10A). The charging time from zero to full battery takes roughly 2.5-5 hours. Our model means you’re not spending money on gas, and it’s great for the environment!
How long will my battery last?2019-06-10T01:17:04+00:00
The battery lasts up to 600/800 cycles (from empty to fully charged = 1 cycle)
Where can I find pricing details?2019-06-10T01:16:29+00:00
In order to get pricing details, based on the model and quantity and your location, please get in touch by filling out the form on our contact page or emailing us directly at contact@in2ride.com.
Can I test drive an EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:14:33+00:00
Test drives can be coordinated through our Los Angeles office by emailing us at contact@in2ride.com.
Does the EZRaider come with a warranty?2019-06-10T01:13:21+00:00
We do offer product liability: a 1 year manufacturer’s liability for product defects in accordance with local law.
What are your safety standards?2019-06-10T01:23:18+00:00
EZRaider complies with all standard safety regulations. Including;
ISO 9008 standards
European standards
CE self-declaration
How is the vehicle delivered?2019-06-10T01:23:22+00:00
We ship by ground, air or sea, and provide all the shipment terms needed. We pack our vehicles in wooden boxes with handlebar components folded and minimal air in the wheels in order to minimize volume and give you the most price efficient shipping. The lithium battery is defined as a hazardous material and must be shipped either by sea, or by air freight carrier (we have MSDS flight pre-approval).
What are the different models of EZRaider?2019-06-10T01:09:17+00:00
We offer 3 types of vehicles, ranging in motor power. The EZRaider is our all-around vehicle, best suited for recreation and tourism. The HD (heavy duty) models are ideal for tackling hazardous terrain, harsh work environments, and traveling long distances.
This models divided to 2/4*4 versions, both with impressive capabilities as for the 4*4 version has the highest towing capacity, stairs climbing and the advantage to start moving from 0 speed.
Additionally, the HD models can be equipped with two types of carts (standard and electric cart). The electric cart extends the motor capacity and doubles the travel distance because it has its own motor, battery, and controllers.
What makes EZRaider so unique?2019-06-10T01:04:22+00:00
The EZRaider has performance abilities off road that no other electric vehicle in the world today can compete with. Its unique model keeps contact and traction with the ground, allowing you to “terrain surf”, and cross almost any type of terrain (ice, mud, snow, water) in virtual silence.
The EZRaider offers a completely intuitive riding experience. The vehicle both protects and is guided by the body of the driver.

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