EZRaider – A Breakthrough Electric All Terrain Vehicle

This breakthrough vehicle creates a new category in all-terrain riding, giving the user complete control with minimum training. The simple and unique design allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The EZraider can be used in various applications, such as military, paramilitary, HLS and rescue, hunting, agriculture, extreme, fun, etc…

EZRaider Features
EZRaider Features


Meant for fun and extreme sports, but also a professional fit for private, business and campus security as well as hunting, due to its quick, silent, long-range features.


On a single charge, the vehicle’s travel distance will range up to 31 miles, depending on the type of terrain and the rider’s technique.

EZRaider Features
EZRaider Features


Weighs only 209.5 lbs and contains a 60V/1740W-hr battery and 2 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

Brushn less Hub Engines
Massive 2 Brush-less Hub-Engines with a total output of up-to 9,000W.

Sine wave ControllerDedicated Superior Quality Sine-wave Controller for EACH Engine, offering massive over protection for controller, motor and battery.

Hydraulic Brake DiscsHydraulic Brake Discs on EACH Wheel. Energy regenerative breaks, Front & Back Hand-breaks, Dual Piston Calipers for precision breaking and safety.

High quality Lithium Ion batteryHuge high quality Lithium-Ion 60V – 1740 W/h battery with advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

low susceptibility to mechanical wearExtremely low susceptibility to mechanical wear. Built to the highest quality and specs to optimize your cost of ownership.

patented suspension6 axes, patented and unique 360 degrees Floating Long Travel Suspension (F/R 50 cm / 19.6″)

lightweight chassisThe lightweight chassis to power ratio, strengthened steel, and extremely rigid tubular structure enable superior handling, reliability, and agility.

31 miles per charge
Up to 31 miles
on a single charge.

Additional Important Features:

– High level of foldability
– Unique ground clearance and vehicle angles
– Compact and light design
– A unique design and light weight vehicle which provide exciting urban and extreme riding while preserving the environment

Length 63.1 Inches
Width 26 Inches
Height 50 Inches
Height Folded 26.1 Inches
Weight 209.5 lbs
Motor 2x1200w
Battery 60V 1740 w/h
Suspension Travel F/R 19.6 Inches

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