EZRaider HD4 – A Breakthrough 4×4, Long-Range All Terrain Vehicle

This breakthrough vehicle creates a new category in all-terrain riding, giving the user complete control with minimum training. The simple and unique design allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The EZraider can be used in various applications, such as military, paramilitary, HLS and rescue, hunting, agriculture, extreme, fun, etc…

A heavy duty 4×4 version with impressive abilities, even in extreme conditions.
It carries a heavy load over sandy and rocky terrain.

ezraider hd4


A 4×4 wheel-drive which creates traction and increases power drastically. Meant for extreme navigation capabilities such as sand dunes, deep mud and snow.


One of this vehicle’s main advantages is that it can drive slowly and even stop in difficult terrains. Also, this is a vehicle with impressive towing capabilities and stairs climbing.



Weighs only 297 LBS and contains a 60V/3000W-hr. battery and 4 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

On a single charge, the HD4’s travel distance is up to 50 miles.

Additional Important Features:

– High level of foldability
– Simple and precise handling
– Unique ground clearance and vehicle angles
– Compact and light design

Length 67 Inches
Width 31 Inches
Height 51.6 Inches
Height Folded 30 Inches
Weight 297.6 lbs
Motor 4x1200w
Battery 60V 3000 w/h
Suspension Travel F/R 19.6 Inches

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