EZRaider HD2 – A Breakthrough Electric All Terrain Long-Range Vehicle

This breakthrough vehicle creates a new category in all-terrain riding, giving the user complete control with minimum training. The simple and unique design allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The EZRaider HD2 can be used in various applications, such as military, paramilitary, HLS and rescue, hunting, agriculture, extreme, fun, etc. Great for off-road, riding on sand, snow, mud for work or recreation.

EZRaider HD2 Features
EZRaider HD2 Features


A more powerful vehicle, capable of longer travel distances on a single charge, up to 50 miles.


The HD2 can also be attached to an additional external battery and an electric cart serving to multiply power and distance.

EZRaider HD2 Features


It can also operate in extreme temperatures of heat and cold (-20 to +75). Weighs only 231 lbs and contains a 60V/3000W-hr. Battery and 2 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

Additional Important Features:

– High level of foldability
– Simple and precise handling
– Unique ground clearance and vehicle angles
– Compact and light design
– A heavy duty 2×4 version that traverses challenging terrains while carrying a heavy load.

Length 64 Inches
Width 27 Inches
Height 50 Inches
Height Folded 28 Inches
Weight 231.5 lbs
Motor 2x1200w
Battery 60V 3000 w/h
Suspension Travel F/R 19.6 Inches

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