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We are an authorized distributor and retailer of EZRaider Electric ATVs. We are excited to stand behind these incredible vehicles that have already been successful in Europe and the Middle East and have created quite a buzz online among offroad enthusiasts, extreme sports fans as well as professionals. Our vehicles are being driven worldwide, from the Bahamas to Dubai, New York to South Africa. In deserts, forests and on snow and frozen lakes!

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EZRaider: A breakthrough offroad electric vehicle creating a new category in all-terrain riding. Offering a speedy, silent ride and low maintenance needs.

A state-of-the-art vehicle with an Electric-powered Mobility Platform that creates a new category in all-terrain riding, between an ATV, UTV and electric scooters. EZRaider allows the user complete control with minimum training, and offering unmatched feeling and experience. Great for off-road, riding on sand, snow, mud, for work or recreation, and comes with impressive heavy duty towing capabilities through rough terrains.

The simple and unique design allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The EZRaider is already being used for various applications such as – military, paramilitary, HLS and rescue, border patrol, hunting, agriculture, extreme fun and much more.

Check out our Videos page to see the EZRaiders in action on different terrains.

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EZRaider: A Breakthrough Electric All Terrain Vehicle

Meant for fun and extreme sports!

On a single charge, the vehicle’s travel distance will range up to 25 miles, depending on the type of terrain and the rider’s technique.

Weighs only 198 lbs and contains a 60V/1740W-hr battery and 2 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

EZRaider HD

EZRaider HD2: A Breakthrough Electric All Terrain Long-Range Vehicle

A more powerful vehicle, capable of longer travel distances on a single charge, up to 50 miles.

The HD2 can also be attached to an additional external battery and an electric cart serving to multiply power and distance.

It can also operate in extreme temperatures of heat and cold (-20 to +75). Weighs only 231 lbs and contains a 60V/3000W-hr. Battery and 2 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

EZRaider HD2
EZRaider HD2

EZRaider HD4: A Breakthrough 4×4, Long-Range All Terrain Vehicle

A 4×4 wheel-drive which creates traction and increases power drastically. Meant for extreme navigation capabilities such as sand dunes, deep mud and snow.

One of this vehicle’s main advantages is that it can drive slowly and even stop in difficult terrains. Also, this is a vehicle with impressive towing capabilities and stairs climbing.

Weighs only 298 lbs and contains a 60V/3000W-hr. battery and 4 powerful hub motors of 1200W each.

On a single charge, the HD4’s travel distance is up to 50 miles.

EZRaider HD4
EZRaider HD4
EZRaider all terrain riding
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